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The Caribbean's little secret

The Caribbean's little secret

If you love the Caribbean and you’re looking for a romantic vacation, you’ve got to check out Turks and Caicos. The crystal clear blue waters, and white sandy beaches will steal your heart.

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Unlike the Dominican Republic, you won’t find too many people bothering you trying to sell a service. There are a few men on the beach offering water sports activities. We finally got convinced to ride on an inflatable attached to a boat. Although terrified at first, it was actually a lot of fun and we didn't fall off.


Turks and Caicos is made up of several small islands. The most populated is Providenciales which is called “Provo” by the locals. The people living in Turks and Caicos speak English. It’s a British Overseas Territory that is known for being a hotspot for the rich and famous vacationing. In fact, Prince owned a house on Provo, and Steph and Ayesha Curry took a trip there not long after my husband and I visited.

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Many of the hotels on Grace Bay in Provo were really expensive but I found one that was reasonable, Port of Call Resort. It’s across from the beach and the starting rates for rooms is around $230 a night.

It’s easy to get around the island and restaurants are within walking  distance.

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We stayed there for a day or two and then went to Grand Turk, another island in Turks and Caicos. It is smaller and not as touristy.


We visited the island for our friend’s wedding. You have to catch this small plane from Provo to get to Grand Turk. A lot of cruise ships have a stop at the island too. The flight wasn’t bad and less than an hours ride.

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A ton of our friend’s family lives on Grand Turk. They were all really friendly. The locals love rum punch and conch.

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