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Feature: Climbing Mount Fuji

Feature: Climbing Mount Fuji

If you were ever looking for the epitome of a blacktrekking experience, here’s one-climbing Mount Fuji.

My cousin, Christen Newson, moved to Japan in 2016 with her husband Willie, who is in the United States Navy. Climbing this Mount Fuji was at the top of her bucket list. Together they climbed the mountain and have memories for a lifetime. She shared with me these pics.


Mount Fuji is about 60 miles (100km) outside of Tokyo. It is the highest mountain in Japan, rising more than 12,000 ft in the air , and it’s the second highest peak of a volcanic island in Asia. The mountain last erupted in 1707. It is a well known symbol of Japan, and a historic site, which was added to the World Heritage List in 2013 and many tourists take on the challenge of climbing it.


Listen to my audio interview with Christen about the trip.

If you’re thinking about making the trip, she recommends wearing:

  1. Layers

  2. Two pairs of gloves

  3. Hiking shoes or boots

  4. Compression socks

  5. Headlamps

  6. Bringing hiking stick(s)

  7. Have a method of blocking rocks from getting into your shoes

Flights to Tokyo, Japan are around $1,000 from the United States.

Norwegian Airlines has roundtrip flights from US to Europe for less than $400

Norwegian Airlines has roundtrip flights from US to Europe for less than $400

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