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Don't leave Ghana without visiting Assin Manso

Don't leave Ghana without visiting Assin Manso

2019 is the Year of Return in Ghana. The country is inviting all black descendants to return to the West African nation, where their ancestors were more than likely shipped off into slavery. When I traveled to Ghana, I partnered with Ashanti African Tours and it was a truly rewarding, educational, memorable trip.


Ghana has plenty to see from its Kente cloth villages, to its slave castles, nature hikes and beautiful beaches and shopping malls. Let’s not forget the authentic clothing you can get custom made for a reasonable price. Its capital, Accra, has plenty of nice hotels and a growing nightlife scene, along with new malls and restaurants popping up.

If you head to Ghana for cultural/historical purposes, along with Accra, you’ll want to visit Kumasi, the home of the Ashanti Kingdom, and Cape Coast, where the slave castles are located. Along the way, you’ll want to stop by Assin Manso, the Ancestral Slave River Park.


Assin Manso is where people from North Africa were taken for their last bath, before they were thrown into the dungeons in the slave castles on the coast. To walk the same path barefoot as my ancestors probably did hundreds of year ago was harrowing.


It’s one thing to read about it in a book. But to walk down the wooded path, and touch the water they last bathed in, you could only imagine what they were thinking. I began to think how they felt, in chains, knowing they’d never see their family again. They had no idea what the future held for them. I’m sure they were looking for a way to escape. But to where? There was nothing but forest all around, and the river’s current was mighty fast.

The site has a mural, outlining the history of the slave trade at its entrance.

After returning from the river, they’ll allow you to sign a memorial wall for a fee. They are raising money to convert the site into a museum. It’s definitely worth a visit.

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