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Fun things to do in Ghana

Fun things to do in Ghana

From live highlife bands, to fancy nightclubs, to walking a canopy high up in a tropical forest, there’s no shortage of fun things to do in Ghana, besides eating all of the delicious food.

Here’s some suggestions:

  1. Nightlife

    In Cape Coast, I saw a band perform highlife music, which is the traditional music of Ghana. To me it sounded like jazz with a tropical, island vibe. It’s good for two stepping or slow dancing in play. On the same property is the Red Dot nightclub. It was very nice inside and had a great dj spinning hip hop, reggae and AfroBeats. But if you’re going to nightclubs, you should probably arrive after midnight. Ghanaians go out late. In Accra, I went to a nice nightclub called Twist. It looked like any other club in Atlanta. Nice bar, leather vip couches, and a chick working in the bathroom. People were buying Rose bottles. It took until 2 am for the place to get packed. Early on they were playing hip hop but as the night went on, they started playing what the Ghanians called Hiplife, which is highlife music with rap infused into it.

  2. Republic Bar

    If you want to chill at the bar, check out Republic in Accra. The owners make their own liquors and cocktails. It’s a chill outdoor place full of people and foreigners. There’s a dj there playing house music. It had a very hipster cool vibe.


3. Kakum National Park

This park has the most amazing canopy walkway. It’s rare in Africa; it's one of three canopies that exists on the canopy. At 130 feet in the air, it’s more than a 1,00 feet long and connects seven tree tops. The park is located about 20 miles north of Cape Coast and Elmina. In 2009, more than 135,000 people visited the park. It’s a chance to explore the great outdoors, see monkeys in their natural habitat, and walk through a tropical forest from way up high. As you can imagine, it’s a hike to get to the canopy so bring your walking shoes. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

4. Mall

One of the malls in Accra

One of the malls in Accra

Ghana has several malls, especially in Accra. It’s fun to go there to see how Ghanians interact with it. I didn’t see too much shopping. Mostly people walking around enjoying the air condition and free wifi. My tour guides told me the women like to go to the mall and post on Instagram to make it seem like they’re in Europe or United States.

5. T K Beads


This is where women make beaded jewelry in Accra. There you can learn how they take recycled bottles and convert them into beautiful beads which in turn make beautiful necklaces.


6. Labadi Beach

This is a great place in Accra to go to on the weekends. On the beach, you can eat at the restaurants, listen to music, drink, buy souvenirs, and even ride a horse. On a Sunday afternoon, the place was packed with Ghanians eating with their families and groups of friends drinking and smoking hookah.


7. Craft Markets


The craft markets and markets abound in Ghana. You’ll find them in the major cities. You’ll spend all day there negotiating with the sellers. My favorite was the Aburi Craft Village as they had some quality items and the sellers weren’t so adamant to make a sell. They were very friendly and let you take your time deciding if you wanted to buy something. The artists also make their items on site so you’ll get to see how they carve the wooden masks, etc.

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